The Young Green Party is overseen by a committee of 7 members who are:


Nadia Reeves Long

Nadia is chair of the young greens. As an economics and management graduate she currently works in a bank. Her interests include gender equality particularly women in leadership and just transition.

rob jones.jpg

Branch Co-ordinator

Rob Jones

Rob is the National Branch Coordinator. He graduated from DCU where he studied International Business and French. He currently works in the financial sector, where he work with Irish SMEs on a daily basis.


Communications officer

Xander Cosgrove

Xander is agraduate of UCC and has been involved with the Green Party for most of his adult life. His primary focus is to build a campaign aimed at engaging students in day to day aspects of sustainability and environmentalism that they can do during college.



Alex Loudon

Alex is the treasurer of the Young Greens. His interest primarily involve infrastructural and fundraising development for the party. He's about to finish a PhD in chemistry from TCD after which he plans to open a brewery with his father.


Policy Council

Harry McEvansonya

This is Harry and he is our representative on the policy council, the legislative section of the party. Harry has helped steer the young greens in our efforts to contribute to overall party policy. He has in interest in grassroots democracy and civil rights.

michael muhl.jpg

International Liason

Michael Mühl

This is Michael and he is our international relations officer. He moved to Belfast from Germany two years ago. Michael is a firm believer in the European spirit and as such focuses on the Young Greens relationship with our European counterparts.